Steel Wheels is an organization devoted to the preservation and celebration of railroad inspired art and culture. We embrace all forms of railroad inspired art whether it is intentional, unplanned or random.
The Steel Wheels Show is an art exhibition that displays some of the most brilliant, clever and unique railroad inspired art pieces. The Steel Wheels show has been held annually since 2008 primarily in the city of Atlanta and has found itself hosted in such cities as San Francisco (2011) and Miami (2009).
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We are very excited to work with the Meeting of Styles camp because of their tenure in the game and their sheer devotion to the culture. Additionally, Steel Wheels fully recognizes European writers and their undeniable contribution to the global graffiti scene. We are proud to become part of that scene continue to foster the idea that writers CAN work together to shape the future of our culture.
The Steel Wheels team continuously seeks to extract the visual value of American railroad art and deliver that experience to our audience. Check out the show at MOS-Homebase Kontext Wiesbaden!